She Dances at the Temple
Not Her Kind of Man
I Know
Me and Shawn in Japan, 1990, (left), and
Shawn in Singapore in 2004 (above), now a
grizzled veteran of the Asian music industry.
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Here are a few songs I wrote or co-wrote
the lyrics for. My friend Shawn Letts asks me
to write lyrics for him every now and then,
even though he really doesn't need me to, as
he's an accomplished musician and

I've known Shawn since Ring was a pup.
Shawn had a band called Transformasi, and
My Lucky Charm album is one of the best
records I've ever heard. It's the kind of CD
you'd want if you were ever stranded on a
desert island.
She Dances at the Temple (right)
is off that album.  The other two songs here,
Not Her Kind of Man and I Know are from
Shawn's solo album,
Second Opinion.